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“Hackiton” Revealed: Problematic Treatment of Children With Special Needs in School Transportation

A Jerusalem resident shed light on a troubling story in the Jerusalem Hackiton. Galei Tzahal reported on the case in the morning news

3 באוגוסט 2021 בשעה 21:00:00

The Frustration of the Movement in The North About Employment Rates Turned into A Report in Kahn 11

If we can enjoy perfect view and cheap housing and still work in large companies through Zoom, then why aren’t more Israelis moving North?

3 באוגוסט 2021 בשעה 21:00:00

Investigation Had Revealed: subsidized taxis overcharge disabled people

Our investigation on accessible rides revealed: A third of cab drivers overcharge disabled people by hundreds of percent

27 בינואר 2021 בשעה 22:00:00

Activists Turned Doctors Appointments into a front-page headline in TheMarker

When nine activists make 500 calls: How we mapped the lack of health services in Israel's periphery

26 בינואר 2021 בשעה 22:00:00

A decade later: We joined “Hayot Kiss”to investigate what happened to Polgat laid-off employees

The media often covers the drama behind factories shutting down, but what happens to those employees after the drama is over?

26 בינואר 2021 בשעה 22:00:00

"Can This Man Revitalize Israeli Journalism?”

Can this man change journalism: The “Forward” editor in an Op-Ed about the founder of The Movement of Public Journalism, Yair Tarchitsky

24 בינואר 2021 בשעה 22:00:00

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